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Tips for Preparing Your Roof for Hurricane Season in Florida

Roof Preparation Tips for the Florida Hurricane Season

1. Research

Research pays off in the long run. Understanding the fundamental know-hows compiled by expert roofers saves time and money when preparing a property for the hurricane season.  

2. Conduct Regular Inspections

Personally check rooftops or hire an experienced roofer to comprehensively inspect and evaluate roofing system condition. Professionals have the experience, training and equipment to confirm roof integrity both inside and out. 

3. Replace Missing or Damaged Tiles and Shingles

Maintaining a well-kept roof by cleaning and clearing debris is important for more than aesthetics. By removing dead leaves or branches between shingles, you can identify damaged or missing shingles. A deteriorating shingle should be replaced if it is curled, lacking in granules or is discolored. Damaged shingles should be repaired or replaced.

4. Trim Trees Near Roofs

High winds can brake untrimmed tree branches and cause roof damage. Eliminate the threat by trimming trees at least 6 feet from the roof before a hurricane comes along.   

5. Clean Downspouts and Gutters

Gutters are one of the most neglected parts of a property. Gutters with debris or fallen leaves clog free-flowing waters and lead to standing water on roof tops. Clear downspouts and gutters to promote free flowing water and prevent damage causing clogging.

6. Repair Flashings

Flashings seal and protect roof openings such as skylights, chimneys and vents. Over time, flashings wear down, allowing water to pass through and eventually damage roofing systems.

7. Invest in Hurricane Straps

Hurricane straps provide roof reinforcement by attaching the roof to the walls of the house with metal straps. These metal straps strengthen and protect the roof against high winds and strong rain. In some states like Florida, hurricane straps are a requirement.

8. Review Insurance Policies

Routinely review insurance policies before the start of hurricane season. Checking policy coverage in advance grants the time to make changes or additions if necessary.

Properly document roof maintenance activities with pictures and videos and keep receipts of hired work.

9. Schedule Routine Roof Inspections

Schedule annual routine roof inspections ahead of hurricane season. Roof inspections are a precautionary necessity to prevent additional damage and provide value to a roofing investment. Roofing experts:

10. Consider the Benefits of Installing a New Roof

Roof replacement is a cost-effective solution in comparison to constant repair.

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