Executive Assistant

Lisa KaiserLisa Kaiser is the Executive Assistant to Shane Burdett for Sabal Construction and Roofing, LLC. In this role, Lisa works closely with Shane and provides high-level administrative support, such as taking calls, scheduling meetings, managing priorities, coordinating jobs,  and improving overall productivity. 

Lisa has a strong background in accounting, construction, and organization. She has worked as Executive Assistant to several VPs;  she has been a Ministry Co-Director; she has worked alongside her husband who built and remodeled houses all of their married life, and worked as a property manager for a physician’s office building. Lisa is also Bare-Boat Captain Certified up to 50 feet. Lisa attended St. Francis School of Nursing in Peoria, Illinois.  

Lisa and her husband of 30 years were missionaries internationally with Youth With A Mission, where they trained young people who wanted to be full-time missionaries. In this role, Tom and Lisa lived aboard boats in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Seas for 10 years. Presently she serves on her HOA Board as the Unit Director for 100 units. Lisa serves alongside Tom in the Alpha Ministry at Cape Christian Church. They have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.

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