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Sabal Construction & Roofing LLC, an experienced general contracting and metal roofing company, is family-owned and locally operated by a second-generation Floridian contractor. We are a State Certified General Contractor and fully insured company. We responsibly adhere to all job specifications, manufacturer requirements, and safety codes to provide premier service to our valued customers.

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Shingle Roofing Schedule

Day 1: Material for the dry-in will be delivered to the house and loaded onto the roof.

Day 2: We will begin the tear-off.

  • Our crew will show up with a 6-10 workers depending on the size of the roof. We try to tear-off the entire roof in one day. Sometimes due to extra plywood and facia needing to be replaced we may have to send a few workers out for a second day.

  • We will bring plywood and tarps to protect the driveway, ac units, exterior pumps and equipment, and as much landscaping as we can reasonably cover.

  • We use dump trailers to dispose of the construction debris so there is less chance of damaging the driveway and also because this allows us to not leave anything in the driveway overnight.

  • Jobsite will be cleaned thoroughly before we leave for the day.

Day 3 or 4: The local municipality will come out to perform an inspection of the dry-in.

Day 3 or 4: Our loader will deliver the tile and load them on the roof.

Day 5-7: Our crew will install the shingles and perform a final cleaning of the jobsite.

Day 7-10: Any required soffit, fascia, and gutters will be completed once the shingles are done.

Day 7-10: Final Inspection from the local authority.

Dry-In Process

  • Once all the old roof material is removed from the roof, we will renail all the plywood on the roof with 2 ¼ ring shank nails. The nails are place 6” on center to bring the roofs fastener pattern up to current code.

  • If any rotted or broken plywood is encountered, we will remove the entire piece of plywood and install a new piece of CDX plywood. We DO NOT cut out strips or install small pieces of plywood. Whole sheets are installed only.

  • For the dry-in, we utilize Ice and Water self-adhering underlayment. This is a premium product and is currently over and above required code minimums. Some of our competitors will utilize a nailable system which can allow water to penetrate in a wind driven rain scenario.

  • We use galvanized steel drip edge, valley metal, and flashing.

  • We utilize only metal head simplex nails for nailing the head laps of the underlayment for the dry-in which are superior to the plastic head simplex nails that are used by other contractors.

  • We use galvanized 1 ¼” coil nails to attach the drip edge, valley metal, and flashing. All metals are nails 6” on center as per code.

  • Once all underlayment has been applied and metal has been installed, we cover all flashing and valleys laps with roof cement to prevent any water intrusion.

Shingle Install PROCESS

  • For the installation of the shingles, we use several brands of shingle. TAMKO Heritage, Atlas Pinnacle Pristine, Owens Corning (OC) Duration, GAF HDZ, and IKO Cambridge.

  • Our preferred shingle is Atlas Pinnacle, or OC Duration. Theses shingles have a Limited lifetime warranty with a 10-year full stop period. These shingle also both have a 10-year algae resistance warranty.

  • Shingles are installed with 6 - 1 ¼” galvanized coil nails per shingle.

  • Hip and Ridge shingles are installed with 4 - 1 ¼” galvanized coil nails per tab.

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