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Metal Roofing FAQ

Whether you’re constructing a new home or repairing an old residential roof, choosing the right roofing material is crucial. For decades, the majority of homeowners have chosen asphalt shingles out of habit, despite the fact that no other building material has a shorter life expectancy. Today, more people than ever before are opting for metal roofing.

We understand that our residential clients may have questions or concerns about metal roofing at Sabal Construction and Roofing LLC. To answer those concerns and to assist you in determining whether a metal roof is a good fit for your home, we’ve compiled the following list of frequently asked questions.

Metal Roofing Installation

How Long Would It Take To Complete My Metal Roof Project?

It typically takes 2-3 weeks from the time the material is delivered to your house to the time your new roof is inspected for the last time. There will be planned city inspections in between, which is why it could take up to two weeks. Approximately three days of actual work will occur throughout this time period.

What Kind of Metal Do We Provide?

We utilized metal and metal profiles supplied by Metal Alliance. The custom metal package is created on site by Metal Maniacs.

Can I Go From A Shingle Roof To A Metal Roof?

You certainly can. It is critical to understand that this adjustment does not involve any engineering.


What color roof reflects the most heat?

In general, light colors reflect the sun’s rays, while dark colors absorb the heat. As a result, lighter colored roofs will reflect more heat away from the property, aiding in the cooling of the interior. The contrary is also true — the darker the roof, the hotter the roof or upper levels are likely to be.

What color metal roof is the hottest?

A black metal roof will increase the temperature on your roof. In a hot region, a darker colored metal roof will generate more heat than a lighter colored metal roof. Selecting “Cool Metal Roofing” in a dark hue can help offset the higher energy costs associated with the darker tint.

What color metal roof fades the least?

Lighter colors, such as tan, gray, or white, fade less quickly than darker, more brilliant hues. This is directly related to the pigment’s organic or inorganic nature.

Other Elements

Is metal roofing noisier than asphalt, cedar shake, tile, or slate roofing during inclement weather?

When it comes to noise caused by rain or storms, there is little difference between metal and other materials. Additionally, standard attic insulation absorbs the majority of sound.

Do metal roofs attract heat and increase energy costs?

In fact, metal roofing reflects a large portion of the sun’s heat and energy. While conventional shingles absorb the majority of the sun’s heat, metal roofing can actually help you save up to 20% on cooling costs. This is because the coating on new metal roof panels has specific pigments that reflect solar energy and dissipate heat absorbed throughout the day.

Does metal roofing attract lightning strikes?

The probability of a lightning strike striking a metal roof is identical to that of any other type of roof, regardless of material. However, in the event of a lightning strike, metal roofing will not ignite and catch fire due to its noncombustible nature.

Can you attach solar panels to a metal roof?

Yes! Solar panels and metal roofing work extremely well together!

Will metal roofing reduce my home insurance cost?

In some circumstances, putting a metal roof on your home can help you save money on insurance. You will need to contact your insurance carrier to inquire about any possible cost savings.

Does a metal roof make your house hotter?

No. A metal roof helps to keep your home cool. Our premium metal roofs feature a reflective coating that deflects solar heat away from your home. They can cut your annual energy expenditures by up to 20% and lower the temperature in your attic. While asphalt shingles increase the heat in your home, particularly during the summer, metal roofing helps to cool it down.

Can I walk on a metal roof?

You most certainly can – a metal roof is sturdy and resilient, and actually resists foot traffic better than a shingle roof. If you do decide to step on your roof, use slip-resistant shoes. And if your roof is wet or icy, it’s better to avoid going out on it until it dries, or to hire a licensed professional to come out and inspect it.

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Metal Roofing Projects

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