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Questions to Ask Before Installing Solar

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Roofs

What are the economic advantages of solar power?

By installing a solar energy system on your property, you lower your electricity costs and insulate yourself from future increases in electricity prices. Depending on your local utility costs and solar regulations, you may be able to save a certain amount of money, but installing solar is always a wise investment.

What are the advantages of solar energy for the environment?

Like other renewable energy sources, solar electricity has several advantages for the environment and human health. Going solar brings in fewer air pollutants like sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, which can have negative health effects, as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions, which are a factor in climate change.

Who performs the solar array installation?

Our specialist technicians do! We take great delight in completing all residential work with quality. This means you deal with the same business consistently, and everyone is focused on making sure you enjoy using solar energy. Our installation teams have a reputation for being welcoming, competent, and well-reviewed.

Do my solar panels still generate electricity when the sun isn't out?

Sunlight determines how much power your solar energy system can produce. Your solar panels will therefore generate no energy at night and somewhat less energy while it’s cloudy outside. However, solar is a wise choice even if you reside in a cloudy city due to high electricity bills and financial advantages.

Why should I install a solar energy system in my home or business?

Solar electricity offers a solution to fix your electricity rate for more than 25 years. The panels’ projected usable lifespan is up to 50 years, and they come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty (output starts to slow down over time but is still significant). You can withstand long-term electricity price hikes with a grid-tied PV system. It’s challenging to replicate that sense of energy security.

Why should I go solar right now? New, cutting-edge technologies aren't they coming?

In other words, the sooner you install solar, the sooner you can benefit from it! You will miss the chance to produce your own power now if you wait for some untested technology in the future. The earlier you begin investing in solar is similar to when you start saving for retirement. Find out more reasons to go solar right away.

Can installing my solar power system myself result in financial savings?

Solar energy systems are complex pieces of machinery that should not be used for do-it-yourself projects. Grid-tied solar power systems require expert installation in order to connect to the utility and satisfy the majority of state rebate program requirements. While you can install solar hot water yourself, the risks and costs of doing so are far greater than the expense of hiring a professional. Find out what DIY solar really costs.

How would a solar power system affect my utility bill?

The size will decrease! When using solar energy, your inverter and all of your household loads remain “behind the meter,” which means that if the sun is out and you are at home using loads like a TV, dryer, and electric stove, your solar-generated power will be used without ever being recorded by the utility company.

As a result, your electric bill will indicate at the end of the month that you exported less energy to the grid than your inverter indicates you generated. This is due to the fact that some solar energy was used by your home before it was ever sold to a utility. You can feel happy about this circumstance despite the fact that it can be a little perplexing each kWh you didn’t export saves you money on energy purchases! That activates your photovoltaic system.

Can a solar array raise my home's value?

Yes! Numerous studies show that solar-powered homes are more valuable and sell more rapidly. 

How much power can I generate using a solar array?

Each kilowatt of grid-tied solar in Florida will generate about 1,270 kWh of power per year on the majority of respectable sites. 

When the power goes off, what happens to my solar array?

The grid-tied solar electric system also loses power when the grid does. This is done to avoid any unintentional back-feeding of solar electricity to the grid that could put line workers in danger. In the event of a power loss, a new generation of battery backup technology is available, offering clean backup power.

Which solar-powered inverter would you suggest?

Depending on the application, ReVision Energy makes a selection from a wide range of renowned manufacturers. Currently, SolarEdge or Pika Energy inverter technology is used in the vast majority of the systems we build. Although the inverter is meant to last 25 years or longer, all inverter manufacturers offer at least a 10-year warranty.

How long do solar panels continue to produce electricity?

Today’s solar panels never cease producing energy. The panels can be used for over 40 years and for generations to come with just a slight output drop in the years after the warranty, even though some of the wirings may need to be upgraded in the future.

If I have solar panels, would I still get an electric bill?

You will still get a bill from your utility unless your solar energy system incorporates battery storage and you are completely off the grid. With a solar panel system that matches your energy demand, you can significantly lower your cost or perhaps eliminate the balance you owe.

How much will it cost to maintain solar panels?

For the 25 to 35 years they will generate power, solar panel systems are composed of sturdy tempered glass and require little to no maintenance. Most of the time, you don’t even need to frequently clean your solar panels. Most equipment manufacturers offer warranties, albeit the details vary depending on the business.

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