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Why Crown Roof Tiles is the Best Tile Roofing Brand?

Roof tiles could give any home a classic look. They’re highly durable, with the majority of tile roofs lasting at least a century.

Additionally, tile roofing protects structures that are subjected to the blazing heat of the sun or are exposed to salty air, making it an excellent choice for homes near the sea. Numerous varieties are also resistant to rain, making them an ideal roofing material for places with regular rainfall. Sabal Construction & Roofing works with trusted roofing tile brand like Crown Roof Tiles to achieve durable and stunning roofing solutions. In this article, we will discuss why you should consider Crown Roof Tiles products.   

Crown Roof Tiles provide Great Durability with Beauty

Impact Resistance and Durability:

Concrete roof tiles provide resistance and durability offering a product that will last for a lifetime.

Fire Safe Product:

All CROWN roof tiles are rated Class A per ASTM E108 Standards – the highest fire rating protection available, allowing homeowners to reduce insurance premium costs.

Thermal Insulation:

A reflective coating that covers the roof tiles as well as an air cushion generated between the tile and the roof, provide insulation to the structure, which will translate into lower energy costs.

UV Protection for Roof Covering:

Your roof covering will be protected against harmful UV rays and weather elements extending the longevity of the structure while reducing maintenance costs overtime.

Roof Components and Standard Trim:

CROWN has all the necessary components needed to produce a
professional and beautiful roof installation that will provide a consistent look throughout the project.

Natural and Friendly to the Environment:

Our proximity to our natural raw materials, having a low fuel intensive production process, and our central location in the market make our concrete roof tiles an environment friendly product.


mediterranean piece


Mediterranean roof tiles are known for having a high barrel which reflects a traditional style of great elegance.

iberia piece


The Iberia roof tile has a medium height barrel with extended curves which reminisces the Spanish colonial architectural style.

tuscany piece


Tuscany roof tiles have soft curves representing a classic European style. This is the best-known roof tile in the world, reason for which it has great adaptability to any type of architecture, be it contemporary or traditional.

windsor slate piece

Windsor Slate

It is a flat roof tile with a smooth texture, beveled at each end, simulating a blackboard or easel; it was traditionally used in ancient European castles.

windsor shake piece

Windsor Shake

A flat roof tile with a rough texture, simulating a wooden shingle.


Standard Color Thru

Standard Color-Thru

Roof tiles produced with one or more color tones blended in the process.

Premium Color-Thru

Premium Color-Thru

Roof tiles produced with the Standard ColorThru system using a greater amount of color and/or higher priced color pigments.

windsor slate piece


Application of a color oxide paste, mixed with cement and applied on the roof tile surface following extrusion.

Custom Blends

Custom Blends

Group of two or more colors blended naturally in the mixture.


warm - color
Luminous - color
natural - color
shadows - color

Crown Tile Roofing products not only as a dynamic protection system for home, the key design element reflects your unique lifestyle too. It offers the highest quality roof tiles in the market and combining them with top grade accessories, and a proper roof installation from Sabal Construction and Roofing, you can achieve the highest functionality and best appearance for your home while enjoying the benefits of a Complete Roofing System. This is why you will not find a better product to transform your house into your families’ unique and exclusive home.

Standard trim & Roof Components

Roof components

Crown boosted caps

Illustration of Crown Boosted Caps


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