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10 Signs You Need A Roof Inspection After A Storm

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida as a powerful Category 4 storm. Maximum sustained winds were around 150 mph as it hit the southwest coast at the island of Cayo Costa near Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Local authorities have reported that there are now at least 52 fatalities in Florida.

A severe storm has recently passed through your neighborhood, and you’ve been hearing complaints from your neighbors about their damaged properties. Finding a roofing contractor for a storm damage roof inspection is important if you suspect your roof may have been damaged.

Reasons to Hire Professional Roof Inspection After a Storm

At Sabal Roof and Construction, we assist homeowners with their storm-damaged roofs for decades now. We’ll now explain what happens during a roof assessment for storm damage.

Learn what a roofing contractor looks for, how they record storm damage, and what to do following the inspection in this article:


Paint flaking towards the roofline

Paint that is blistering or peeling close to the roofline is often an indication of gradual humidity accumulation brought on by inadequate attic and roof circulation. Storms have the potential to make the issues this causes worse. Another apparent indicator that serves as a crucial gauge of the harm your roof has endured is peeling paint.

To retain structural integrity after wind damage, roof materials must be repaired as quickly as feasible. Even if you don’t immediately notice an active leak, any of these seven indicators could quickly develop into a significant leak. The quickest approach to identify the damage, confirm the best course of action, and safeguard your house is to have an inspection performed by qualified and insured roofers.


Issues with the gutters

Get your gutter fixed or replaced as soon as possible if it has been damaged. Rainwater will seep into your building’s foot without a functioning gutter, potentially harming the foundation. Additionally, search your gutters for sparkling granules left over from shingles. This suggests that your remaining shingles are eroding.


Dents or scratches near features on the roof

Your roof can be visually inspected from the ground to detect deterioration around protruding roof elements. Pay close attention to the shingles that surround and protect the bottom edges of chimneys. Inspect any visible fasteners like nails or screws that may be loose as well as the flashing that seals the joints of the roof.


Moisture indications in the attic

Check the conditions in the attic even if your roof seems to be in good shape. Moisture levels will increase if the attic sustains damage that lets in outside air. Even before a leak starts to seep into your ceiling, you can detect water here. Look for an outside breeze or a moist, clammy sensation.


Clear shingle damage

Damage on a typical shingle roof is visible right away. Look for missing, curling, or just imperfect shingles. The shingle is structurally weak and may fall off the roof the next time it rains if there are surface cracks. One missing shingle is all it takes to cause a leak.


Attic rafters with warps

Rafters will reveal damage that needs to be addressed soon away because they are often made of wood. The structural components known as rafters sustain the weight of the roof. They must seem straight and have no surface damage from water. Call a roofer right away if they seem twisted or moist!


Wall and ceiling stains

Most leaks have structurally significant leaks by the time discoloration occurs. Examine the ceilings and top corners of the walls of the rooms on the upper stories of your home carefully after any storm. Small areas may be simple to miss. It’s essential to take care of them before they worsen.


Peace of Mind

A defective roof is the single biggest factor that might keep you in a frightening scenario. When the next storm comes, you sleep in your home without knowing what to anticipate. When a professional roof inspection may help, why make assumptions and continue to be afraid?

An experienced roofer will inform you of the precise problems that need to be resolved to improve your home. They can walk you through each step you need to take, from filling out insurance paperwork to making sure leaks and other potential risks are carefully taken care of.


Reduces Costs

A self-initiated roof inspection could miss little issues. These little issues could develop into major issues down the road that could cost you a bundle to resolve. In worst-case scenarios, you could even need to replace the entire roof.

You will pay much less if you call for a professional roof check right away than if you wait until a minor rooftop problem becomes problematic to handle. The long-term health of your roof can also be prolonged by taking early preventive action.


Professional Roofers Know Best

You might not be aware of the precise actions to follow and the locations to check for damages if you lack abilities in roof inspection and repair. Only professionals have what it takes to properly solve your home’s problems.

To examine and repair your roof’s shingles, tiles, insulation, and stability, professional roofers have the equipment, expertise, and experience you need. They are also knowledgeable about how much you might need to spend to restore your home to its ideal state.

Contact Sabal for Free Roofing Inspection and Estimate

It’s a smart idea to safeguard your property and yourself after a disaster. You should put having your roof inspected at the top of your list, especially after a hurricane with significant force strikes. For anyone whose home has been visibly destroyed, that is a natural and crucial step. However, it might be equally crucial if you don’t notice any damage right away.

Get a comprehensive image of your roof’s current state by having a roof inspection done. The inspection may reveal a portion of the roof that is obscured from the ground but has been damaged by debris. Professionals can better assess the general condition of your home by actually going on the roof and knowing what to look for.

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