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Will A New Roof Lower My Insurance Premiums?

As homeowners, we understand how aggravating it can be to process a roof insurance claim . Nonetheless, a claim is often the last resort for people who have been struck by a storm. Storms are out of our control, and when damage occurs, resolution from certified specialists is often needed to repair roof damage.

Before presenting insurance coverage options, insurance companies carefully evaluate the risk level and status of a home. When a roofing system is defective, insurance companies classify it as high risk for acquiring a claim. This can also indicate higher policy premiums set by insurance companies. However, a new roof decreases homeowner’s insurance premiums.


Proper roof maintenance is the most reasonable way to avoid extensive roof repairs or premature replacemen. Further, when filing a claim, insurance companies are more likely to deny a claim for a roof that isn’t well-maintained or is outside it’s lifespan. Typically, insurance policies cover the following roof damages:

Factors That Determine Homeowner’s Insurance Rates


Mandatory vs. Voluntary Roof Replacement

Insurers generally lower insurance rates when homeowners voluntarily replace their roof. However, if an insurance company conducts a roof assessment and determines a roof replacement is required, premium rates will assumably remain the same or increase. 


Roof Type

Replacing a roof with the same materials it currently has, generally leads to an insurance rate decrease. However, replacing current roofing materials with expensive materials could merit a boost in homeowner’s insurance costs.


Too Many Claims

There are several risks in residing along the coast and one is the persistent hazard of hurricanes. With this, roofs may be destroyed by hurricanes numerous times. Frequent insurance claims can yield increased rates. 

Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts You May Qualify For


New Roof Discounts

Most insurance companies offer discounts following an installation of a new roof. A new roof is sturdier, able to withstand harsh weather and has a lower risk to insurers.

20-year-old roofs are more inclined to leak as they approach the end of their lifespan. For this basis, insurance companies view older roofs as high-risk. Property owners with old roofs are more likely to file an insurance claim.


Discounts for Impact-Resistant Roofs

Impact-resistant roofs decrease the probability of an insurance claim being filed. Insurance companies propose various discounts for impact-resistant roofing materials. 

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