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10 Roofing Materials to Consider for Your House

The average Floridian homeowner spends approximately $5,000 to $13,500 on a new roof. But what’s the best roofing material? 

1. Cedar Wood Shingles

Real natural wood is an irresistible classic for many homeowners.  Cedarwood shingles are commonly seen on Victorian, Cabin-style, or Colonial type homes and have been regarded by many roof designers,’ the material that naturally ages over time.’ 

2. Asphalt Shingles

The ‘wow’ factor finish makes this roofing material the most common and economical choice across the U.S. Available in various styles and colors.


3. Synthetic-Composite Shingles

Most roofing specialists refer to this roofing material as the newest and most intriguing type. Synthetic-Composite Shingles, often called faux shingles, are a modern-day engineered innovation due to their synthetic-composite material. They resemble cedar shingles, natural slate tiles and shakes.

4. Cedar Wood Shakes

Thicker and rougher than shingles, Cedar Wood Shakes are sawn from logs. Regarded by many as a truly green building material and considered a premium roof, due to their unique features.

5. Slate Roofing

The champion of all roofing products, from the 1600’s until today. Natural slate roofing has the reputation of a first-rate roofing material. A slate roof can lasts hundreds of years and requires little maintenance.

6. Metal Roofing

Leading choice for homeowners who prefer New England colonials to Carolina Coastal Cottage styles. 

Metal Roofing is gaining popularity over asphalt shingles. The major factor that separates metal roofing over other materials is its superior longevity and durability. Metal Roofing can last 5 decades or more (with care), considered as a “lifetime” roofing material by many.

7. Clay and Concrete Tiles

Featured for the unique and striking appeal, Clay and Concrete tiles can be easily molded into different shapes and profiles. An ideal choice for homeowners who prefer Spanish or Mediterranean-styles.

8. Flat Roof Materials

Best choice for flat or low sloped roof houses. Most commonly seen on Middle-eastern house designs. Flat roofing is a highly specialized field and requires flat roofing specialists for installation. 

Three Single-Ply Choices:

9. Built-up Roof

Typically built for flat roofs with heavy traffic. Made from several layers of asphalt, gravel or tar and adhesive.

10. Clay Tile Roof

For homeowners who prefer Mediterranean or Spanish-style homes, Clay Tile roofing is the unrivaled option. Considered a high-end roofing choice because of its durability and strength, Clay Tile roofs are known for their aesthetic appeal, beautifully carved shapes, colorful appearance and stylish designs. 

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